Traffic / parking bauma 2019

Important information for exhibitors, stand builders and drivers

Traffic Guide and FairLog

bauma's traffic guide takes you quickly and safely to the exhibition grounds.

In order to increase efficiency and organisation in set-up and dismantling, bauma is now relying on an IT-supported system for logistics processing, FairLog.

Please read the traffic guide carefully and forward it also to your booth builder and forwarding agent! It contains all access regulations for setup, fair and dismantling.

Scale for the distribution of long-term parking permits

The order deadline for long-term parking permits is February 18, 2019. Orders received after the deadline are put on a waiting list.

Please note that the scale listed below serves only as a reference. The parking permits are distributed according to availability up from February 19th, 2019. Another criteria is the order made for bauma 2016.

Scale for long-term parking permits (main exhibitors)

Hall area   Open-air area  
up to 20 m² 1 parking permit up to 100 m² 2 parking permits
up to 60 m² 2 parking permits up to 200 m² 3 parking permits
up to 100 m² 3 parking permits up to 400 m² 4 parking permits
up to 150 m² 4 parking permits up to 600 m² 5 parking permits
up to 200 m² 5 parking permits up to 1.000 m² 6 parking permits
up to 250 m² 8 parking permits up to 1.500 m² 7 parking permits
up to 300 m² 14 parking permits up to 2.000 m² 25 parking permits
up to 400 m² 18 parking permits up to 3.000 m² 40 parking permits
up to 500 m² 22 parking permits up to 5.000 m² 60 parking permits
up to 1.500 m² 26 parking permits up to 15.000 m² 100 parking permits
up to 3.000 m² 30 parking permits    
up to 10.000 m² 60 parking permits    

Co-exhibitors can receive a maximum of 1 long-term parking permit.

Before ordering parking permits, please clarify the following points to reduce the order quantity to the required number:

  • Carpooling options

  • Sharing of long-term parking permits in case of partial presence (only within the com-pany). They may not be passed on to or shared with third parties.

  • Free parking at our decentralized parking spaces: these parking spaces are open from 07:00 a.m., and there is a free shuttle service to the exhibition grounds.

  • Self-organized staff shuttle buses from a hotel to the trade fair

  • Use of public transport (MVV) with the offer “Exhibitor Timecard”

Furthermore, we will not offer day vouchers for the parking garages at bauma 2019.

However, you can order day parking vouchers for the outdoor area (decentralised visitor parking area) as usual for your customers.

When issuing parking permits, we ensure that you are assigned a parking space near your trade fair booth (subject to availability).

Please place your order for parking permits in the bauma Exhibitor Shop.

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