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Innovative Qdos metering pumps from Watson-Marlow Pumps are suitable for all applications where chemicals need to be metered with high accuracy and reliability.

Odos pumps offer precise, linear and repeatable flows of up to 120 litres per hour at pressures up to 7 bar, irrespective of viscosity. Qdos pumps eliminate the need of ancillary equipment such as valves or pulsation dampeners. The only consumable part is the patented Watson-Marlow ReNu pumphead which can be replaced in a few minutes with no tools or special skills required. Thus, Qdos guarantees minimum maintenance compared to other metering pumps.

With high accuracy, Qdos significantly optimises the consumption of chemicals compared to other pump types. The contained pumphead design with integral leak detection guarantees operator safety.

Intuitive operation is facilitated via a menu-driven interface featuring a 3.5" TFT colour display with high visibility status indication making pump calibration very easy.

Designed as a drop-in replacement for diaphragm pumps, Qdos is available in four different sizes and for manual operation through to PROFIBUS integration.

Qdos pumps are perfectly suited for metering chemicals and reagents in mining and rare mineral recovery processes. For example, flotation agents are metered reliably, accurately and with extremely low maintenance.

Qdos metering pump models with optional 12-24V DC power supply are available for mobile and remote applications.

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