CDE launches new tech solutions to help customers achieve maximum plant efficiency

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CDE CORE uses automation and sensors to monitor and enhance productivity

CDE, the leading wet processing equipment manufacturer, is launching an innovative new range of technology solutions to enable customers to increase the efficiency of their plant, automate processes, and lower their operating costs.


The CDE CORE smart technology suite includes three key features: an easy-to-use monitoring system; a digital tool to manage and simplify operator workflows; and a bespoke 3D catalogue of parts which is tailored for each customer’s individual equipment.


It gives customers greater control of their plant, and means, amongst other things, that resources are being maximised and customers can take immediate action if the efficiency of their plant falls below their desired level.


Tom Houston, Director of Custom Care at CDE, said: “CDE CORE is designed to reduce operating costs and give our customers the best return on the investment they have made in a CDE plant. It uses the latest technology, with a simple to use interface, and we believe it will enhance CDE’s reputation of being the disrupters and innovators in the wet processing industry. For customers, it is about having a connected plant that gives them greater control, enhanced operational efficiency, better resource and asset management, and increased ease of operation.”


“CDE CORE has been in testing on a number of our sites for up to a year and customers have been very impressed with the rise in productivity and the reduction in operating costs brought about by the introduction of automation. More of our customers will now be able to derive these crucial benefits through solutions that are fully-supported by our CustomCare team,” Mr Houston adds.


The CDE CORE smart technology suite is part of CDE’s CustomCare offering, which includes a dedicated team of regional service engineers who are proficient in the commissioning and ongoing maintenance and optimisation of CDE equipment.


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The monitoring system, called CORE SmartTech, has been described as a ‘health monitor’ for plant. It includes a suite of smart sensors that provide real-time data on key components to provide customers with an ‘at-a-glance’ report on plant status. SmartTech also provides historical data and trends on your CDE plant, linking with CORE Workflow to monitor maintenance schedules.


The workflow management tool, called CORE Workflow, is a system to simplify and monitor operator activity, providing information to enable plant owners to create maintenance checklists and process flows for engineers and operators.


CORE 3D is the bespoke parts catalogue that is unique to each customer’s plant. It provides the ability for customers to see 3D visualisations of their plant making identifying and ordering spare or replacement parts a simple process.


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CDE Global, whose global headquarters are in Cookstown, Northern Ireland, is the world’s largest campus dedicated to the wet processing of materials in the sand and aggregates, mining, C&D waste recycling, industrial sands and environmental sectors.


Since the company was founded over 25 years ago, it has grown to be the largest wet processing equipment company in the world as a result of its focus on constantly developing and improving materials processing technology.

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