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Aerodynamic lines, captivating profile and power. The new Carmix 3500 TC speaks the language of design, innovation and advanced technology

Without forgetting the CARMIX cornerstones: Quality and Reliability.

The search for new design comes from our will to offer machines with a careful aesthetic look that can provide top-level performance and great reliability on the worksite. This “clever” design has been developed to offer superior comfort to users, with improved ergonomic controls, all-round visibility and air-conditioned cabin. Greater operator comfort means more satisfaction and safety, therefore productivity.

Consistently with the whole Carmix range, the 3500 TC model is a concentrate of technology and good design to create powerful and versatile working tools. Features: a batching unit with a material yield of 3.5 m3 with double mixing screws; mixing and discharge speed independent from r.p.m. of the diesel engine, and discharge by reversing drum; a Joymix-controlled 600-litre loader with a hydraulic door discharging sand or gravel directly into the drum; and finally the ability to travel on slopes higher than 30%, even under full load. Each of these elements is a precise response to the needs of construction operators: a commitment Carmix has kept for over 40 years on five continents.


A world-unique mix design manager


Concrete-Mate is the innovative mix design manager including an RMC Plant standard level management software which, using four sensors in the mixing unit, guarantees a top-quality concrete mix complying with international concrete production standards (UNI 206-1 - ASTM – ACI, etc) and complete control over production costs. Up to 15 different mixes and 99 types of materials can be selected with Concrete-Mate, allowing the production of multiple combinations of materials, fitting any worksite requirement. When the software has stored a mix design, it suggests the operator the dosage of each element, the sequence of operations and the working time for each process step, thus eliminating any chance of error. Concrete-Mate can prepare concrete on site, offering a top-quality product, ready to be used anywhere, at all latitudes, rapidly and timely. Its quality is confirmed by the Legal for Trade certificate, an accreditation certifying the superior accuracy of Concrete-Mate in all countries where these strict procedures are in force, such as Europe, Australia, Canada and Russia, among others.


Digital technologies for a perfect product


Today productivity means having more control and information to obtain consistent performance in terms of quality and quantity. The great innovations brought about by Carmix on the most recent machines like follow this lead. One example for all - the new 3500 TC: Promix. A state-of-the-art digital system ensuring an always-perfect mix design for all application needs. The secret of this technology is hidden in its very name: Promix promotes the mix design, Promix is a professional tool, Promix because its heart is a probe. Indeed, Promix is a measuring instrument consisting of a stainless steel probe, housed inside the mixing unit and powered by a solar panel, and of a cabin display receiving information in real time. The sensor provides data on slump, temperature, humidity, mixer rotation speed and a warning when the mix is ready. All the data are updated every ten seconds and sent to the receiver. An easy-to-read display informs the operator on the parameters of the concrete that is being prepared. This information can be stored in an external computer or sent to other mobile devices via the GPS network.

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