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Flexco XP: mechanical fasters with very high tensile strength and suitable for solid woven belts

With the XP range, Flexco has developed mechanical fasteners which, with their special design and tensile strength of up to 3,500 kN/m, prevent unplanned stoppages of belt conveyor systems. Their special feature is that they are suitable both for PVC conveyor belts and for solid woven belts, which are frequently used in underground mining. Service staff are able to install the XP fasteners quickly and easily in these difficult conditions.


The connectors are flat in design, thus improving the approach for cleaning systems and reducing contact with side sealing profiles and return rollers. As a result, they suffer less wear. Users are able to increase the productivity of their conveyor systems as there are significantly fewer breakdowns and maintenance work is reduced. This solution also enables badly worn or damaged belts to be joined efficiently. Flexco uses cold-rolled steel as the material for the XP range. The fasteners therefore achieve a 50% higher tensile strength than comparable systems. The smallest version has a tensile strength of 1,750 kN/m and the largest 3,500 kN/m.


Flexco has placed great importance on simple assembly. The XP fasters are designed to enable the engineer to align and install the coupling bar and fixing elements very easily. A manual press tool is all that is required for rapid installation. Flexco also supplies a hydraulic press for this system in order to fix the connectors particularly securely. This enables joints to be produced with a consistently high tensile strength and a uniform distribution of load on the side of the belt.


The hydraulic press is easy to transport and comfortable to use. It also incorporates a measuring gauge which determines the thickness of the conveyor belt. This enables the right settings to be made for every application.

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