Press accreditation

We are pleased that you want to attend our event! Have yourself accredited for this trade fair from the beginning of September 2018.

Please note:

  • The press ticket will not enable you to travel free of charge to the trade fair center on means of transport operated by the Munich Public Transport Authority (MVV). Please buy a ticket for your journey to and from the fair ground.
  • Parking at the Press Centre West: For accredited journalists car park spaces will be available in the West Multi-Storey Car Park. We will exchange your entry ticket at the Press Centre West for a free exit ticket.

Verification of your work as a journalist
Verification of your work as a journalist is required both for online accreditation (by uploading your credentials) and to have yourself accredited at the fair (by presenting originals of your credentials). Additional information is available in the Accreditation Guidelines.

Valid credentials include:

  • An official, valid press ID (membership IDs from journalist organizations are not considered press IDs)
  • An imprint that verifies your activity as a correspondent and is no more than six months old
  • An article published under your name that is no more than six months old (for photographers: Photo credit)