The megatrends of the industry

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Digitization, sustainability and efficiency—three megatrends that stimulate the industry. But what exactly do they mean for the industry? As “Heartbeat of the Industry” bauma is both the hub for all markets and pacesetter. The industry’s trends are ours. And we get to the bottom of them.


Networked construction sites, Building Information Modeling (BIM), smart machines as well as autonomous driving and working: not just dreams of the future! The construction equipment industry becomes more and more digital—and with it the construction site. For companies this is opportunity and challenge at the same time. Learn more about the industry trend toward digitization:


Sustainability is a macrosocial issue that also concerns the construction machinery industry. There are only few topics in this sector that are discussed that intensively and controversially. Whether it be challenges or gigantic economic potentials: sustainability means more than just reducing energy consumption and use of resources. Learn more about the industry trend toward sustainability.


From exhaust gases to noise—the global construction machinery industry is facing increasing pressure to avoid emissions. Electromobility is the technology of the future here. And autonomous driving is another trend that shall provide more efficiency and greater security. Learn more about where these technologies are already used today and what potentials they offer:

bauma Industry Barometer

Important findings of the “bauma Industry Barometer”: The mood for investments worldwide is predominantly positive, the lack of skilled workers is the number one challenge, the megatrend of digitization determines the future—but is still in its infancy.