Making construction monitoring easier and more efficient

New technologies and practical advancements of the digital construction site also facilitate the monitoring of the construction works. bauma 2019 will show you how to make object monitoring an efficient, cost-effective and future-oriented task right from the beginning.

Supervision of the construction site: object monitoring in Construction 4.0

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Before, during and after the construction until the object is handed over, construction monitoring with its highly complex tasks plays one of the most important roles. Thanks to the ever-continuing development of digital tools object monitoring is becoming increasingly easier.

Construction monitoring tasks include:

  • coordination of the specialist parties involved in object monitoring
  • establishing and monitoring the schedule
  • keeping a construction diary
  • acceptance of the construction work together with other persons involved in the planning and monitoring of the construction site
  • auditing of accounts
  • cost statement
  • surveillance of the acceptance of subsequently eliminated deficiencies
  • control of the costs of executing companies relating to service accounting compared to contractually agreed prices and the cost estimate
  • and much more.

To monitor and administer the construction and overlook everything in a timely manner, there are useful tool, services and technologies available that will be showcased at bauma 2019.

BIM in construction monitoring

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) accompanies the entire construction process and can for example be used for construction monitoring. The digital simulation—e. g. the creation of three-dimensional building models—allows you to identify and prevent faulty plans. Thus, BIM helps to develop a model that serves as basis for all project members. For construction monitoring this may mean to early prevent additional costs and take these into account. In future, use digitally documented data for object monitoring and get all BIM news and developments in Hall A2 at bauma 2019!

Utilizing BIM

BIM allows you generate a current and continually synchronized database; the enhanced data quality thus facilitates construction monitoring. At any time, data is accessible and up to date, immensely simplifying the communication of all construction project stakeholders.

Digitized construction vehicles: an advancement for construction monitoring?

Recording the data of various construction machines lets you better measure and take account of their performance and wear. Thanks to digital data collection possible delays or other challenges can be recognized and addressed early.

bauma 2019: news on construction monitoring

At bauma 2019 you will get all necessary information on the innovations and technical aids for construction monitoring! In future, planning processes and the execution and completion of construction projects will be simplified by digital innovations. You want to know which ones? Visit Hall A2.