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Cleft lip and palate, a congenital opening affecting the lips, jaw and palate, is the commonest form of facial malformation worldwide. The poorest regions of the world have the highest birth rates of children with these conditions. These children can suffer from severe physical, psychological and social limitations—which persist throughout their lives if they are not treated. The Swiss organisation Cleft-Kinder-Hilfe Schweiz ensures that these children can have operations in specially established centres.

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Treatment is free for the children's families. This lays the foundations to allow the children to lead healthy and fully integrated lives. But Cleft-Kinder-Hilfe Schweiz wanted to do more than this. Because most of the children and parents who come into the Cleft Centres are illiterate, they decided to arrange for the young patients to attend school after they had been physically healed, something that would have been totally unthinkable for them living at home in their families.

So in 2009, the first school project, involving 20 children, was launched in Hyderabad in India. The aim was to enable each of the children to attain a state-recognised school leaving certificate. The children attend the Krishnaveni Talent School and live together with their teachers and caregivers in a nearby hostel.

Some of the children have now left the school as adult graduates, and are either learning a trade or attending college. As a result, they have excellent prospects of being able to finance themselves independently and thus to determine the course of their own lives. Their parents and brothers and sisters, who are mostly illiterate themselves, are very proud of them.

The school project in Malakkara has been financed by Aumund and has the advantage that the cleft children's aid group was able to plan and organise the venture based on its experience over the last few years. They already knew what is usually important for the everyday lives of the pupils, and on the other hand, where they needed to be strongly motivated and their achievements encouraged. Cleft-Kinder-Hilfe is building on all this experience in Malakkara, without forgetting that each of the 20 children there is an individual with a right to be recognised as a unique personality and supported in terms of their personal development. All of the children have their own personal goals, towards which they are working and learning here. At the same time, there is the common goal of achieving a good qualification and making a start to their independent lives.


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