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Industry unites in Construction Climate Challenge

Industry unites in Construction Climate Challenge zoom

Volvo Construction Equipment is hosting an initiative to drive sustainability throughout the entire construction industry and provides much-needed funding for environmental research.

Launched on the eve of UN World Environment Day June 4, 2014, the Construction Climate Challenge (CCC) aims to create a dialogue with industry representatives, academics and politicians, as well as providing funding for new research and share existing knowledge to help the industry make a difference for generations to come. This is not restricted to the manufacture and operation of construction equipment, but rather stretches the length of the construction industry’s value chain, from extraction and production of building materials, to road and general construction, to demolition and recycling.

No one sector can achieve climate action goals alone, according to Volvo Construction Equipment President Martin Weissburg. “Volvo CE has long been committed to reducing harmful emissions from its products and facilities, but reducing CO2 emissions across the entire construction industry supply chain requires collaboration,” says Weissburg. “Continued collaboration between industry, academics, government agencies and non-governmental organizations is vital if the industry is to move towards a more sustainable future. It doesn’t matter who takes the lead, as long as the lead is taken. But it can’t be one party alone. We all have to do this together to drive success. If we can achieve this, we can make a useful contribution on reducing the industry’s impact on climate change.”

Read more about the Construction Climate Challenge and find out more about the CCC Summit held June 24, 2015 at the following link: