bauma Open Innovation

Your visit to bauma is far from over after the fair. Our new bauma service provides you with the opportunity to tinker on innovation issues of industry leaders jointly in a community throughout the year and around the clock.

Become a member of bauma Open Innovation! The bauma Open Innovation platform is dependent precisely on interested experts such as you: knowledge bearers who are particularly skilled in their respective specialty and also gladly contribute creative ideas.

In different types of projects, you can help companies to solve their problems. You share ideas in brainstorming sessions at times or you describe in a theoretical framework how a challenge can be solved. Other projects require a working prototype that demonstrates a solution and makes it tangible.

Of course, you receive a reward for your solutions! Depending on the type of project, the company selects one or more useful solutions and rewards the solvers with a prize that can range up to several thousand dollars!

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